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Just like the front page of a book, I have created this contents page for you people to understand my site better. Since I have recipes under various heads, it will be cumbersome for a new user to look up everything. Hence this attempt. Hope this page will serve as a guide to glide through my site  🙂  .

Some pages will be found under two heads. Like you will find my ‘Chicken 65 ‘ recipe under both ‘Cooking recipe index’ as well as ‘air fryer recipes’. This is to help people who are looking under those specific heads. Orange-colored names will be links that will take you to the respective page.

There is a main page for every group of recipes. And on that main page, you will find more details. Like, on the main page for starters you will find details of starters around the world, followed by recipes. Am yet to create a main page for Main Courses and Snacks, as I am still collecting details  🙂  .

The contents page is the elaborate version of the main menu. You can find thumbnail images of all the recipes, on the respective main pages.

Also for menu items with a drop-down arrow, the first click will open up the sub-menu while the second click on the menu item, will take you to the main page.

So let’s go…

I)My Kitchen

This is the area where you will find everything that has to do with my cooking and baking.

I a)Cooking recipe Index

In this area, you will find course-wise recipes.




2)Non- Vegetarian


This main page contains details on what a soup is and the varieties of soups.

1)Vegetarian Soups

2)Non- Vegetarian Soups

iii)Salads and Salad dressings

This main page contains details on salads and salad dressings.

iv)Main Course

This main course recipe page gives more details on the main courses consumed throughout the world, with recipes to try out.

 1)Traditional Idli recipe

2)Idli  batter in a mixer recipe

3)Rajma Idli

4)Soyabean Idli

5)Multigrain Idli

6)Kanchipuram idli

7)Thatte idli

1)Easy stuffed dosas

2)Rajma dosa

3)Rava dosa

4)Azhagar kovil dosai

v)Side Dishes

This is the main page covering all kinds of side dishes from around the world.

a)Side dishes for breakfast and dinner




b)Side dishes for lunch


1)Vendakkai Sambar (Lady’s finger sambar)

1) Paruppu rasam/Dal rasam

2) Thakkali rasam/Tomato rasam


vi) Snacks

1)Traditional Indian snacks

2)Snacks from around the world

3)Naalu mani palaharam(4’o clock snacks)



This is the main desserts page containing details of Indian desserts as well as from around the world, with recipes.

1)Traditional Indian sweets

2) Payasams, pradhamans, and kheers

2)Ice creams



I b)Baking recipe Index

Here you will find recipes related to baking.






I c)Everything baking

This page gives details on how I got hooked onto baking and goes on to cover all the “must-knows” in baking.



I d)Homemades

Recipes in this section relate to sauces, pickles, and condiments.

1)Stocks and sauces





I e)Air fryer recipes

This main page gives details on using the air fryer, followed by recipes I have tried out with the air fryer.

I f )Street foods

Through this section, I will be sharing recipes of street foods from around the world which you can easily try at home.



II)Familiarising Indian food

Through this area, you will get an insight into Indian Cuisine, with recipes from my kitchen for you to try out.

Right now am on South Indian breakfast. So far have covered,

  • Idli
  • Dosa
  • Uthapam
  • Paniyaram

a)South Indian food

This section deals exclusively with the intricacies of South Indian food.



III)International Cuisines

This section is intended for recipes from the various cuisines of the world, other than Indian.

a)Middle Eastern Cuisine

b)Srilankan Cuisine

1)Main Course (Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner)

2)Side dishes(Breakfast, lunch, and dinner)


i)Sambols & Relishes


b)Non – Vegetarian




This is my main ‘gardening’ page dealing with the very basics of gardening.


V)Healthy Living

This ‘Healthy living’ main page deals with simple and practical tips on living a healthy life, further segregated under 3 heads – Exercise, Eat right and Be happy.




Here you will find all kinds of crafts with paper as well as yarn. In due course will deal with quilling, crocheting, and sewing.

a)Paper Crafts

1)Simple paper crafts



VII)Living in Qatar

Whether you are new to Qatar or already settled here, this page will give you every minute details of life in Qatar from my viewpoint.



VIII)Tech Talk

This one deals with useful websites and apps that you never knew existed.




This section covers the various useful glossaries that I have compiled.



X)About Me

This page provides details about me, for people who are interested to know more about me  🙂  .


XI)Contact Me

Through the contact form on this page, you can contact me on anything regarding this site.

XII)My choice on Amazon

On this page, I share products on Amazon that I have so far purchased or am planning to purchase. Hope it will be helpful to you guys too.



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