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I love, love, love baking like anything. Rewinding to my lifestyle 5 years back, I had not known so much about baking. Though my love for baking was always there, I had only the aluminium stove top oven, which I used to bake cakes for birthdays of family members. Even now no one in my neighbourhood back in India has an oven, though microwave ovens  and OTG’s (Oven Toaster Grills) are doing brisk business these days. Living in South India, the oven was never a necessity compared to the wet grinders. Here in Qatar, I was provided a conventional as well as microwave oven in our accomodation, and I jumped at the opportunity to learn more about baking. Whole wheat dinner rolls, burgers, donuts, pizzas became the order of the day. Cakes and cookies followed suit. I never get tired shopping for bakeware 😛 .

So here I shall be posting everything I learnt about baking from ovens to  pans, basics of baking, and all my  tried and tested bakes.

First thing first. Before you get excited about baking, you need to know about the very basics, the must have equipments , and ovens. Baking is no rocket science, and any one can bake beautifully by adhering  to certain do’s and dont’s. And once you get the hang of it, then there is no looking back.

Follow me as I walk you step by step , guiding you to bake breads, cakes, cookies, rolls and much more. As much as possible I bake with whole wheat  and have been hugely successful. In fact I have invented a recipe for whole wheat rolls, which can be slightly modified to make donuts and bread. Looking forward to share all that with you guys.

Happy Baking!!!!

Baker Basics

Books-image for baking basicsA good baker does need to follow certain basic  rules like  weighing out things, following recipe instructions etc..when you are pretty confident you can definitely modify or play around with your creativity. But still there are certain basic old school rules , which every baker follows.


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Choosing the right oven

oven imageThere are a huge variety of ovens available in the market. But everyone’s baking needs are not the same . So we need to go for an oven that fits our needs, our pocket and our kitchens.




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Bakeware usage

Aluminium bakeware has been and is  the most preferred choice for most bakers. With lots of concern on Aluminium cookware, people have started looking for other safer options. But are the alternatives available safe too?

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The different kinds of flour

The most widely used flour in baking comes from wheat. But different baked  products require different types of flour . Though wheat flour derivatives are the most commonly used, there are also lots of other varieties available.

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My bakes

Recipes in this section include breads, rolls, and cakes.

shortbread cookieseggless chocolate cakeBanana cake








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