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Hi all!!! Welcome to my kitchen. It is here that I spend most of my time looking up and cooking up everything that my family loves. This is where all my R&D happens and I am always the first guinea pig of all my experiments 😀  .

Once it passes my hard-to-please-taste-tester tongue, it follows through to the second line of testers – my family. Immediate acceptance is very hard to come by, and some more of hard work, based on their reviews bring about a quality product which then moves from my kitchen lab to the dining area for relatives and guests.

That is how every product takes shape in my kitchen. Mostly I use my gas stove top and my induction stove for cooking up while for baking I use my Sharp electric oven.

Cooking is usually an elaborate process, in our house with both my kids being very picky and choosy eaters. So am always thinking about how to add nutrients to their very small list of acceptable food.

In the process, I have ended up devising a lot of recipes, and most of it my kids don’t even know what I add 😀  . Looking forward to sharing all those with you to help you handle your picky eater better.

Through my kitchen, I will walk you step by step cooking and baking up a variety of dishes from all around the world. I also have a separate section for Homemades which is a DIY area for the most popular products that we prefer to buy outside.


Cooking imageI am proud to be a Malayalee born and brought up in the South Indian state of Tamilnadu, as I am adept in the best of both Malayalee and Tamil cultures. My cooking mostly revolves around South India as it is our daily fare, but every now and then, I keep trying recipes from around the world. Cooking has always been my number one passion. My new cooking projects begin the moment my kids fall in love with some unhealthy store or restaurant stuff.

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Cookies image for bakingThough baking was a late entry in my life, I immediately fell in love with it. After quite a few errors, now I am a confident baker, so much so that I keep dabbling with my ingredients 🙂 .  Yet manage to come up with something successfully. Cake decorating is one grey area for me, coz I do not like working with artificial colors. One of my ongoing projects is creating natural colors. I will keep you posted.

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Homemade jamThe purpose of this post is to create a homemade version of all those condiments, spreads, sauces, etc that we prefer buying out. These are all processed foods and you will be surprised to know how much you can cut down on all those unwanted sugars, salts, and other additives by preferring to make it at home.


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Street foods

Street food imageWhatever the cuisine, street foods are the most tempting of all. Talk about hygiene, then you will never taste these in your life. They are the ‘ forget everything and enjoy ‘ kind of food. If you still have inhibitions, then this page is for you. Here I will post street foods from all over the world. Make them and devour them guilt-free!


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Countryside Cooking/Naatupura Samayal

Image of country sideCountrysides are the souls of a place. The kitchens here still create foods that were once upon a time consumed by our forefathers but long forgotten by us. They keep it simple, but nutritious. I am greatly addicted to food from this part of the world and always keep looking for such recipes. Whatever I come across in this quest, I shall be posting here.

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Tips & Tricks

This area covers the simple tips and tricks that have helped me, as well as the ones that I learned from experience.

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