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Hey guys!!! Welcome to “My Choice on Amazon”. The idea is to post products that I have bought or come across on Amazon browsing for my needs. Hope it will help you too in your quest 🙂  .

Please note that this article may contain affiliate links. That means I may make a commission if you click and buy, at no additional cost to you. Please see my full disclosure policy for more information.

I live in Qatar and visit India once a year. Every year a month before we leave we start browsing online shopping sites in India. Mostly it’s and all 4 of us start filling our carts and order items based on the delivery date.

For kids and hubby, it will mostly be books, gadget accessories, clothes, or shoes. Whereas for me it will be kitchenware, bakeware, accessories, and seeds.

Once we are in India, almost every day we have a parcel from Amazon 🙂 . It has become a sort of ritual for us.

I Am also including products that I have come across from or Amazon US for the people in the US.

DISCLAIMER: All my purchases so far have been based on the details given about the product on the Amazon website. I have not done any further verifications or research as I hope and believe that the claims made on their website should be true for each and every product.

So here goes….

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My Amazon India purchases 2021

It was 2 years since we went to India, coz of COVID restrictions so when the situation improved a bit we planned an unexpected trip. Though we avoided going out much, our online purchases were as usual 😀 .

I shall post the products I bought this time through Amazon, with links. Do look up if you are interested in purchasing.


A few steel cake pans, cookie sheets, burger rings, hot dog molds, measuring cups, Wilton writing tips, a small Pullman pan, a macron sheet, and a baking measurement sheet made up my purchase this year.

Of these, I have used the burger rings, brownie pan, and of course, the measuring cups and I am very happy with the results.

bakeware 2021

Links for the above products




Some of these I had been wanting to buy for long while a few are random purchases. The coconut grater had been on my to-buy list for long. It can be fixed at just about any countertop to grate. I am finding it very useful.

The steaming plates have 8 plates in all. 4 plates with holes at the bottom for steaming idiappam, ela ada, or veggies while the other 4 can be used to make dhokla or thatte idli. It comfortably fits in any idli steamer.

The steel hot plates are in 4 different sizes and can be used according to the size of the vessel used. Am using it as a stand inside my pressure cooker too. The milk cooker is a double boiler that heats up milk without burning it.

Coconut shell tableware and eco-friendly disposable plates were random purchases. Kokum and anardana powder I wasn’t getting here in Qatar, so bought that too.

Links for the above products


For the garden


Just bought a few grow bags and 1 pack of bonsai fruit seeds from the creative farmer. Though I know most fruit seeds do not come up, still am always tempted to buy them 😀 .

And this time to my surprise 1 papaya plant has come up. Let’s see how it goes. I am not posting the seeds here as the germination rate may not be satisfactory. Still, if you are like me you can go ahead and try.

But I must say the organic vegetable seeds that I got from Amazon 2 years back came up decently well. A neat zip lock packed seeds of around 45 vegetables for around Rs250/- wasn’t a bad deal.

Links for grow bags


Clothes and books

A few t-shirts from the brands that I regularly purchase, apron, and cheesecloth were the ones that I bought this year.

Adv J.Sai Deepak’s “India that is Bharat” was one of the books that I wanted to purchase this time apart from a small concise version of the Gita.







Amazon India products

For the Kitchen

Lead-free ceramic and glassware

As much as possible I look up and buy lead-free ceramics and glassware. These are some of the lead-free products that I came across on Amazon while browsing for myself. Will keep adding as and when I come across good ones.

For the Pantry

These are the products that I am always on the lookout for whenever I am in India. Unbleached all-purpose flour, organic vanilla, saffron, turmeric powder, chilly powder, and sugar have been high on my priority.

Quite a few more are there which I will add in due course.

Cast iron pans

Cast iron pans are the most sought after these days as they are a healthier alternative and cook up evenly. Of course, they have to be taken proper care of, unlike the other materials. But their benefits far outweigh the hassles.

As of now, I have 2 cast iron dosa pans, an aapam pan, and two mini cast iron skillets. The rest are in my ‘to be purchased list’

These are all pre-seasoned



This is one area where I never get tired of shopping 😀  . I keep browsing and adding bakeware to my cart whenever possible. Finally, I buy only a part of it as I start feeling I am going overboard, but the rest of it continues in my ‘to be purchased’ list.


Bamboo cookware

I have always been attracted to bamboo products. As of now, I have two bamboo steamers, a big and a small one. On the lookout for more 🙂  .


Amazon US products

Listing below the products that I came across on or the Amazon United States website which I think are good. Again I am going by the details mentioned on the product and have not personally verified the claims.

For the Kitchen

Lead-free ceramic


More to come…

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