Easy stuffed dosas

stuffed dosa

These stuffed dosas can be easily incorporated into our regular dosas, as they do not need any special preparations. They provide a nice vibrant change to our regular dosas and go well with the usual chutneys and sambar.

My younger one who has dosa three times of the day loves garlic and onion stuffed dosas. So these two are made quite frequently in our house, apart from masala dosa which I make whenever I have left-over masala while making puris.

You can just about stuff anything inside your dosa as your imagination permits and your tongue is willing to take 🙂  . These days fusion stuffed dosas are also coming up. I have come across spring roll dosa, noodles dosa, Schezwan dosa, and even pav bhaji dosa.

At the restaurant, my favorite stuffed dosa has always been the Mysore masala dosa though occasionally I prefer cauliflower dosa, mushroom dosa, chicken, or mutton stuffed dosa. My recipes for all this as well as masala dosa coming up very soon.

The plain roast & ghee roast are simple ones that are understandable from their names. On this page, I shall deal with all the easy stuffed dosas.

So here we go….

1) Onion dosa

This one is simply regular dosa stuffed with finely chopped onions. To make this keep finely chopped onions ready. Once the dosa batter is spread on the griddle, scatter 1-2 tbsp of onions in the center of the dosa drizzle some oil, and let cook.

Once the bottom becomes golden brown and the top seems cooked, fold one-third of the dosa over the center and then the other third. Remove from tawa and serve.

Onion dosa

You can even saute the chopped onions in some oil with a bit of salt and spices of your choice and then proceed. However, we like it plain and simple. Coconut chutney goes well with this one. As a variation, you can even add finely chopped coriander leaves with the onions.

Onion dosa used to be my choice at the restaurant, though now it has become occasional. In most restaurants, the onion is spread at the center and the dosa is folded in the shape of a triangle and served. You can try that too.

2) Garlic dosa

In garlic dosa, chopped garlic is spread over the dosa, and made exactly like onion dosa. Not many of you would have tried garlic dosa, as it is not seen in the restaurants.

My younger one picked this up, after having garlic naan, and I have followed suit. It goes well with onion chutney, though he prefers to have it with sambar.

For this one, I have spread the chopped garlic on one half of the dosa. Once it’s cooked fold the ‘no-garlic’ part of the dosa over the garlic part and serve. But you can do as I have done for onion dosa or vice versa.

Garlic stuffed dosa

Again here too you can saute the chopped garlic in some butter or oil and then spread it on the dosa.

3) Podi dosa

This is another simple one. The idli podi or gun powder is mixed with oil or ghee and kept ready in a small container. The dosa batter is spread on the Tawa and once it starts browning up on the underside the podi mixture is spooned and spread evenly on the dosa.

The dosa is then folded and served. It can be had as such, though coconut chutney tastes best with it. My recipe for idli podi/gun powder coming up soon.

Podi dosa

 Egg  dosa

For making this dosa, spread a thin layer of dosa batter on the griddle, Break an egg on top of the dosa. Spread it out using a spoon, sprinkle pepper powder and salt as needed cover with a lid and cook. Once the bottom crisps and the egg seems cooked, fold the dosa into half and serve.

Egg dosa

You can let the egg remain as bulls-eye with the yolk and white separate or mix up both in a cup, add the necessary salt and pepper, and then spread it out evenly on the dosa. I like to have without the pepper and salt and with the egg 3/4th cooked. But hubby and kids want it fully cooked, so I normally flip over the dosa and cook.

5) Cheese dosa

This one is not a regular in our house and is occasionally made. Simply spread grated mozzarella on the dosa, once the underside crisps, fold it and serve.

6) Egg Cheese dosa

In this stuffed dosa, an egg is spread over the dosa and grated mozzarella cheese is sprinkled on top of it with salt, pepper and coriander leaves. The dosa is covered and cooked. Once the cheese melts and the egg gets cooked, fold in half and serve. This dosa is not flipped.

Egg cheese dosa

Egg and cheese make a delicious combo. It can be had as such though tomato sauce goes well with it.

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