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The Food and Agricultural Organization defines street food as ‘ready-to-eat foods and beverages prepared and/or sold by vendors, especially in streets and other similar public places ‘.

Street food is found in every corner of the world and it has become a lifeline for commuters, workers, students, migrants, and tourists.

These come with many advantages, they are usually cheap, and are easily available at odd times and places. They are often the only business catering to the working poor urban population. Also, they serve as fast food for people who are looking for a tasty quick bite on the go.

But there have always been questions on the safety and hygiene of street foods. You cannot expect high-quality ingredients in something which is sold at a very minimal price. There can also be a compromise on your health.

I have literally avoided consuming them ever since I had a long bout of stomach issues after enjoying my favorite pani puris once. So these days whenever I am tempted, I try as much as possible to learn and make it myself.

Nevertheless, street foods are the most loved food all over the world. The flavors are so tempting that it becomes almost impossible to hold yourself back. Every country in the world has its own street food unique to its culture and availability of products.

In India, these foods can be found on most street corners and come in a large variety and choices. These days in many places, traditional foods are also sold as street foods by people who cannot afford to set up restaurants.

In the South, the most common ones that you get to see are the vadais, bhajjis, bondas, pakodas. Whereas in the North, West and East India these are called chaats and comprise of a whole lot of yummilicious foods.

Pav bhaji and vada pav are the most loved chaats of Mumbai, apart from the puris, tikkis, etc. As you move further you have the kachoris, samosas, kathi rolls, panipuri, jalebis, ladoos, and a lot more. Chow Mein and momos are popular North-Eastern street foods.

There are a huge variety of non-vegetarian street foods too like kebabs, tikkas, pakoras, kheema rolls, etc. That was a small list of the ones that you can find in India.

Other than these I will also be exploring street foods from around the world – churros, bao buns, arepas, shawarma, tacos, etc to name a few.

So on this page, you will find the street foods from India as well as from around the world, which I have tried out successfully. Do try them and enjoy them without worrying about the health and hygiene aspect.

South Indian street foods

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Middle Eastern  street foods








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