International Cuisines

International cuisines

Who would not like to add variety to their food menu. Now with the internet and smart phones everything is just a click away. We can virtually prepare food from the remotest cuisines of the world in our very own kitchens. I, for my part love trying out recipes from every nook and corner of the world. Mine is basically South Indian,but I have attempted quite a few international cuisines inspired by my own visits as well as  the travelxp and food network channels.  The recipes given here will be cuisine wise and only those which have really been tried by me and approved by my family find their way here. Give them all a try and you will be pleased with yourself 🙂

1 .Middle Eastern Cuisine

The first one in the list, yes you guessed it right, will be the Middle Eastern Cuisine. Presently living in Qatar, I have experienced Arabic food first hand. Tahini or white sesame paste is used a lot. Though it is readily available in stores all around, it can be easily prepared at home. The other new spices that I came across are zaatar, sumac and bhaharat though honestly I have not used them myself. Just a few days back bought a pack of zaatar to try out, so soon you will find recipes with that. Apart from that parsely is the most widely used herb here, just like the corriander leaves that we use back in India.

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2 .Srilankan Cuisine

srilankan foodSrilanka is a small island nation to the south of India. I have never been to Srilanka as such, though I have loitered in the Colombo airport, when we always have a layover,  enroute to India. Coconuts and fish are available in plenty and Srilankan tea is famous world over. Sinhalese form the majority of the people, though Tamils , Muslims and burghers form the other major ethnic groups.  Food in Srilanka is closely related to South India, yet very different and  unique in its way of preparation. South East Asia has also influenced Srilankan cuisine a lot.

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