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I got acquainted with baking, only after relocating to Qatar. Now it has become an essential part of my cooking. A good recipe, the right ingredients, a few trial and errors and a bit of patience is all that you need to become a successful baker. Though I wasn’t a very confident beginner, now I can bake anything I come across.  So in  this  recipe index  page for baking,  I shall guide you step by step to bake all that I have baked till date.

Do visit my other pages on baking,  Baking basics and All about ovens for more info on starting out.

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eggless chocolate cake

Banana cake









Breads, Rolls & More


dinner rolls

Thumbnail image of white sandwich bread

Dinner rolls thumbnail







No knead white bread thumbnail jpg

Eggless no-knead burger bun thumbnail

Eggless no knead donut thumbnail







Lots more coming up soon …..


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