Paper Crafts

Paper craft essentials

The easiest crafts are those with paper.  Paper crafts  are safe, relatively inexpensive and the materials involved are readily available. With just a pair of scissors and some glue you can create wonderful craft pieces with paper. It can be cut, folded, glued or layered.

Folding paper  artfully results in Origami, generally associated with the Japanese. Origami can be 2 dimensional  or 3 dimensional. 3d origami involves creating small  triangular units out of paper, and inserting them into one another to create  beautiful models or sculptures. Nevertheless it is very time consuming, and requires lots of patience. After so much effort when you see the end product it is so pleasing and satifying. In so far I have succeeded in making only two models, one of a swan and the other of a macau. Hopefully for the purpose of this site I shall make more in future 🙂 .

3d origami


When cutting is involved with folding, it is called Kirigami. Here generally the paper is folded and then cut to create a pattern. Pop up cards are generally made using this art form. Silhouette art also comes under kirigami.

Then there is Quilling, which facinates me no end. Quilling is the art of using thin strips of paper to roll, shape and glue forming creative designs. It involves the use of certain tools too for rolling and shaping and this makes it easier to do. I have an extensive post on quilling coming up soon.

Best out of waste deals with Tissue paper roll crafts, newspaper roll crafts and crafts with cardboard.

Simple Paper crafts

Snow flakes

wall art with paper






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