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Thank you, for stopping by. Step into my abode at Hemamagesh.com, and  I am all set to show you what homemaking is about. A Homemaker does not denote the stay-at-home moms anymore.

Everyone who cares and contributes towards the making of the home is a homemaker. It is just a matter of being part-time or full-time homemakers.

Homemaking is about doing passionate things, keeping oneself active and engaged, recreating, reliving, and relishing every moment that life has given us. So this site is for all such homemakers out there.

Unwind and get ready to embark on a journey, to re-discover all your passions as I walk you through my chosen fields of cooking, baking, crafting, gardeninghealthy living, and much more in my own way.

I started out with around 40 pages, with a splatter of posts under various heads, for you guys to get an idea of what was coming up.  Now, I am up with 126 pages, with another  29 at various stages of development in my drafts folder  🙂  . Hoping to add lots of valuable info in the coming future. Stay tuned.

I am no expert, like most of you and so all my accounts will be from a simple homemaker’s viewpoint, but the best one at that 🙂 .

Have a great time!! Get homemaking!!

A sneak peek into my site….Click on the title, images, or buttons provided below to access the page.


Here you will find just about everything that I have uploaded to date.

contents of my site

My Kitchen

My kitchen banner



I have  further segregated this area into,


where you can find everything from starters, soups, main course, salads, side -dishessnacks & desserts.


Apart from the baking recipe index which has cakes, cookies, and breads you will find everything related to baking… like Baking basics, All about ovens, Bakeware usage, Different kinds of flour, and much more..


This is a DIY area on how to prepare sauces, jams, pickles, powders, and all sorts of condiments at home.

Airfryer recipes

Contains recipes that I have tried out using the air fryer.

Street foods

This section will introduce you to street foods from around the world, which you can make from the comfort of your home.


Upcoming sections

Countryside cooking

–   will bring forth all the healthy recipes from our countrysides.

Tips & tricks

–  will cover the tips and tricks that have worked for me over the years.

Latest products from my kitchen



Gardening final banner



Visit my Gardening area



Apart from the above, the following are also my main focus areas.

Familiarising Indian food

Indian food

                   Image credit – ndtv food

Not many people know the real Indian food. There are as many varieties as the people of India. The food in India is closely tied to the culture and the ethnicity of the people here.

Most of the food consumed offers something good for our bodies. Spices that are used, apart from inducing flavor, are considered very important from the health point of view.

Though Indian food is predominantly vegetarian, non-vegetarian food is to die for.  There is food for everyone’s taste from mild to spicy and sweet to sour.

Steamed food, fried food, baked food, pickles, fritters, mild food, rich food, gluten-free, vegan, – you name it, we have it.

Foods of all the popular cuisines of the world have also been Indianised, and that adds to the already huge variety of food.

Through “Familiarising Indian Food”, I shall be giving in-depth details of food from every part of India with recipes for you to try out.

Get to it



International Cuisines

Food showing international cuisineEvery cuisine has something to offer us. Though some have made it to the hallways of fame, there are a lot more of them still unexplored. As I am greatly interested in trying out whatever I come across, this post serves my purpose. Be with me as I keep posting recipes from the most popular as well as unfamiliar cuisines of the world.


Get to it


A glimpse of the recipes in this section

Lebanese lentil soup thumbnail

In Middle-Eastern Cuisine

Pol roti

In Srilankan Cuisine














Living in Qatar

Greenery in Qatar Buildings in QatarThis is a tribute to the country where I am presently living. Qatar is one place where you feel at home, away from home. The greenery that you get to see here is unbelievable for a desert type of topography. Date palms line up roadsides and lots of effort goes into maintaining the greenery, even at temperatures as high as 50°C.

Apart from providing valuable information for people planning to migrate to Qatar, I have also dealt with tips for people already here.

Get to it


Tech Talk

Homemakers need to keep abreast of the technological developments happening in the world, to keep pace with the younger generation. Gadgets are not the purview of this post.

Most of the emphasis here will be on websites that you never knew existed and on mobile apps which I have found very useful. There are countless sites and apps available that it is not possible for everyone to know about everything. I invite you guys also to contribute to this so that more people are benefitted.

Get to it


And finally the “Glossary“. Though I initially had only plans to post the names of common ingredients in different Indian languages, I came across a lot of content that deserved a place in the glossary. So far I have managed to create 4 glossaries, lots more in the pipeline.

Check out my glossaries..

Hope I could provide some detailed insights on the contents of my site. I assure you that this will not be ‘just another site‘  and I will not pass off as  ‘just another blogger ‘. I’m here to make a positive impact on one or more aspects of your life. And before I sign off, I request your support in this journey at “Hemamagesh.com”.


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  1. Magesh says:

    Very good effort. Lots of info. Pl include a post on beverages too.

  2. Joe McKency says:

    Lots of information here, going to keep coming back for more. Couldn’t reach glossary section though… Good stuff.

    • hema says:

      Thanx Joe.To access the glossary you have to click on the sub-menu, below the glossary in the navigation bar.As such the ‘Glossary’ is an unclickable menu item. Hope that helps.

  3. kanchans says:

    Great start hems👍👌

  4. Sajit Magesh says:

    Good effort. The website looks really good.

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  6. Radha says:

    Excellent hems.

  7. Vasanth says:

    A great start, a nice way to make the time valuable.. hope you will get more followers for better home making. You are most welcome for any photography support needed.. good luck

  8. Thamil says:

    Nice initiative sis. Keep doing it . I am very happy to support you.

  9. Lakshmi says:

    Good work hema! Very informative..All the best!

  10. Shagufta says:

    hi hema ji….lovely n very informative blog….I read the introduction and the gardening head….loved it thouroghly n m looking forward for more n more posts….can c ur hard work and dedication behind creation of this website…really impressive n simple language used to explain the concepts surely makes this page a very user friendly one …all the best…..n keep updating…😊

  11. Celia Jonas says:

    Hi Hema. Came to your site ,seeing the posts you put up on fusionfora. All the Best with All that you do. Will be following … God bless. Regards, Celia.

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