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The Dictionary says that glossary is  an alphabetical list of words relating to a specific subject, text, or dialect, with explanations. Usually the glossary is found at the end of a book, explaining terms within that book, which are new, uncommon or specialised.

I had quite a few Indian cookery books, which had glossaries translating the names of food items from English to few other India languages. So in my mind glossary meant just that. But then, in my pursuit of recipes  I came across quite a few terms, the meanings of a lot of which I had to look up.

There was so much to know about herbs, greens, spices and  more which most of us haven’t even come across. A miniscule quantity of herbs in their live form could provide us with a daily dose of  goodness in the form of vitamins and minerals, was revelation to me.

This made me decide that I should dedicate some amount of time to compile glossaries. So far I have created 3 of them, another 3 are in the pipeline. Hope it’ll be useful to one and all  🙂  .

So here goes…

List of Glossaries


More to come….

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