Snow flakes

snow flakes

3d Snowflakes are very easy to make and are ready in a matter of minutes. All you need to have are paper, scissors and glue. You can opt to hang it from the wall or stick it. I prefer to stick my snow flakes  on the wall , as it enhances the looks of the room as a whole. Also you can opt to make it using a single color, two color or three color papers. Full size A4 papers will give you big sized  snowflakes and half sized A4 papers will give smaller ones. So lets start…

Things needed

  • 6 sheets of A4 paper
  • scissors
  • fevistick or glue

Total time for the project     : 20 minutes


1) Here I have taken 3 blue and 3 green sheets of A4 paper.  I don’t know why I get so attracted to that green-blue combo 🙂 .First form a square out of the paper by folding  the paper  into a triangle and cutting off the excess.

2) Next fold again to form a smaller triangle. This  will be an isoceles triangle with one long side and two similar equal sides, closed on one side and open on the other two sides.

Paper snowflakes steps1-3

3) Keeping the long side as the base , using scissors make 6 slits from the open ends  to the closed end, leaving about  1 cm from the end. If you cannot do it free hand you can draw lines, and then cut along the lines.

Paper snow flakes steps 4-6

4) Now open the paper up.

5) Keep it facing you in the shape of a diamond , in a way that the slit ends are to the left and right of you.

6) Starting from the centre,  glue the left end and right end of the first pair.Turn over the paper and glue the second pair , on that side. Again turn over the paper and glue the third pair this side.Continue doing so till all 6 pairs are glued.  Once you get the hang of it after making one or two petals, you can straightaway glue the 1st , 3rd and 5th pair towards one side and the 2nd, 4th and 6th pair towards the opposite side.This forms the first leaf  or petal of the snow flake.

Paper snowflakes steps 7-9

7) Repeat with the remaining 5 papers.

8) Glue all the 6 together like this.

steps 10-12 paper snowflakes

9) Your Paper snowflakes are ready. You can either choose to hang them or stick them on a wall as I have done.

There is another method of doing it, which gives it a totally different structure. I will get to it later.


Hope you could follow my instructions and create a few yourself 🙂


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