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dinner rolls

Dinner rolls

These dinner rolls are very fluffy and light and are a lot better than storebought ones as they don't contain additives and preservatives.
Course Main Course
Cuisine World
Keyword Milk rolls
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Proofing time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours 45 minutes
Servings 15 rolls
Author Hema Magesh


  • 3 cups All-purpose flour/Maida ( 420 g) + more for kneading
  • 1 cup warm milk (220 ml)
  • 3 tbsp butter(42g)(more for brushing)
  • 1 egg (medium)
  • 3 tbsp sugar(or any sweetener)
  • tsp active dry yeast
  • tsp salt


  • In the bowl of a stand mixer proof the yeast with the milk and a tsp of sugar for 10 minutes or till it becomes bubbly. Alternatively, proof the yeast in a big sized bowl if you do not have a stand mixer.
    Dinner rolls preparation steps 1&2
  • Once it proofs, add the egg, butter, sugar, and salt. Mix well with a ladle.
  • Now add the 3 cups of flour and mix again with the ladle till everything is incorporated. Let sit for about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, knead the dough with the dough hook for a good 8-10 minutes, till the dough turns from sticky to tacky. Cover it and let it proof for at least 1 hour or until it doubles in size.
    Dinner rolls preparation steps 5&6
  • Once it proofs, punch down to degas. Transfer dough to a floured counter and knead by folding the dough over itself a few times.
  • Shape it into a rectangle and cut into pieces as fits your baking tray. I normally weigh my dough and make equal sized balls. This time I made 15 rolls.
  • Arrange it on an oiled baking tray, cover and let rise for an hour till the rolls become puffed up.
    Dinner rolls preparation steps 9&10
  • Preheat the oven at 180°C for 10 minutes. Brush the top of the rolls with milk and bake for 12-15 minutes till the top becomes golden brown. You can also sprinkle sesame seeds over it before baking.
  • Brush the rolls generously with butter as soon as they are out of the oven. Transfer to a wire rack and let them cool. Cover with a towel to prevent drying out.
    Dinner rolls preparation steps 11&12
  • These rolls can be had by themselves. Serve as you desire and get ready to bask in the appreciation of family and friends.
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